Efficient landing page templates

"I love to create landing page and website templates that help people build amazing online projects"

Lucian Tartea – Inovatik’s Founder

Inovatik is your reliable supplier of responsive, easy to customize landing page templates designed to attract more visitors, sales and leads.
Its mission is to help you reach the desired online audience, on any desktop and mobile device in order to promote businesses, events, products and services.

Inovatik is constantly improving its in-house development skills and business knowledge, to better understand and serve your industry. Current templates are focused on business services, software products and event management but soon other subjects will be added to the list like: training and education, creative portfolios, marketing services and others to come.

Key differentiators for Inovatik’s landing page templates:
– Templates are built on real life scenarios with real text, no Lorem Ipsum
– All the images seen in the Live Preview are included in the downloaded file
– Templates are optimized to convert visitors into customers, users and followers
– Every template is responsive and looks great on mobile and desktop devices
– Support is prompt and you also have access to free video tutorials.

Although this will change in the near future, for the moment I am the only member of the team and I handle product development, support and marketing.
My name is Lucian Tartea and I love to create landing page and website templates that help people develop their online projects.
I enjoy working on all the components that make a great landing page and website template like design, coding, user experience, SEO and video tutorials that guide the users through the customization stages.

My professional background is in digital marketing and I had the opportunity to work on some really cool branding, web design and online marketing projects with great outside the box thinkers, marketers and entrepreneurs.
They inspired me to pursue my own dream and this is how Inovatik came to life as a resource to help the ever-increasing number of people that use the web to turn their dreams into reality.

For your project, I invite you to use one of my website templates or ask me anything about them through the contact page.