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How to Create a Landing Page That Collects Emails

Category : Tutorials
Date : March 24, 2016

Complete video tutorial on how to promote your business services based on a responsive landing page that generates awareness and collects emails from visitors.

You will walk along with me through all the stages of creating a successful landing page that works smoothly on any desktop and mobile device:

1. Setting your objectives
2. Project requirements: skills and software
3. Purchasing a premium landing page template: Smartup Business Landing Page Template
4. Content planning
5. Updating text and images
6. HTML & CSS customization
7. Contact form setup
8. Open graph meta tags: improve the way your posts look when you share the landing page on social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+
9. Uploading to live server
10. Testing responsiveness and contact form

Here are the landing page template’s details: SmartUp Business Services Landing Page Template
And here is the tutorial’s end result: Blue Sail Landing Page

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By Lucian Tartea

I love to create landing page and website templates that help people build amazing online projects.

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