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How to Make a Landing Page for Your Desktop App Using Zigo Landing Page Template

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Date : April 27, 2017

Learn how to make and efficient HTML landing page to promote a software application using Zigo landing page template available on ThemeForest.

This video tutorial takes you through the entire customization process from replacing the logo and favicon to updating the text and images and finally uploading the landing page and testing its forms.

As a beginner web designer or a bit more technically inclined online marketer you will have no problems to successfully complete this project in a couple of hours. The tutorial itself is about 50 minutes long.

Besides really basic HTML, CSS and graphics editing skills you will need access to any hosting service and the Zigo HTML template.

I recommend Zigo Software Landing Page Template because it’s a solid and easy to setup foundation for your landing page project.

Besides being responsive and well-designed, it also provides additional cool features for your content like Modal Popup and extra page templates for: Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

This tutorial is also useful if you are an advanced software/web developer that’s searching for a good landing page template to promote your web app, mobile app or desktop software because you can see the template in action in addition to the Live Preview option.

Good luck with your project and please leave me your feedback and recommendations in the comments section.

By Lucian Tartea

I love to create landing page and website templates that help people build amazing online projects.

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