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Understand Customers

Better understand customers and be prepared to cater for any of their needs and requirements with Ciel's advanced features

Targeted Client Base

Filter and target your client base with high accuracy based on Ciel's highly efficient well designed and easy to understand technology

Receive Good Leads

Make use of quality leads resulted from your marketing actions and monetize them through improved modernized strategies

Now Is The Time For Marketing

Target the right customers for your business with the help of Ciel's patented segmentation technology and deploy efficient marketing campaigns. Keep your customers happy and loyal based on segmented strategies

  • Still looking for a good modern marketing saas app
    Sign up today and start doing marketing like a pro! Convert visitors into customers and keep them loyal with long term campaigns
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    Just enter your email address in the sign up form and you will be registered to use the app for the trial period of about 14 days
  • Fill out and submit the form to create your user
    And then get ready to start using the world's only marketing automation app which is built on the experience of marketers

List Builder Panel

It's very easy to start using Ciel marketing application. You just need to fill out and submit the Sign Up Form and you will receive access to the app and all of its features in no more than 24h.


Campaigns Tracking

Campaigns is a feature we've developed since the beginning because it's at the core of Ciel and basically to any marketing activity focused on results. So it's ready for usage in the control panel

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Visitor Tracking
Control Panel
Settings Screen
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Learning Site
Search Feature
Easy Updates
Better Results
Cloud Usage
Server Support

Check out our explanatory video to see Ciel in action and understand how its features will help you improve your marketing and get better results with less resources

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Segmented Customer Profiles For Highly Efficient Campaigns

I started to use Ciel with the free trial about a year ago and never stopped since then. It does all the repeating and recurrent marketing tasks.
Jude Thorne - Web Designer
Awesome features for the money. I never thought such a low ammount of money would bring me so many leads per month and I am so glad.
Marsha Singer - Web Developer

Features Control Panel For Easy Access To Functionalities

Just Sign Up And Start Using The Marketing App Immediately

Ciel is the best marketing automation app for small and medium sized business. It understands the mindset of young online marketers.
Roy Smith - Online Marketer

Pricing Options

To make it easier for you to decide which is the better option, we've organized the pricing plans based on maximum amount too. It's a lot easier to understand and much easies to make up your mind when you are decided


  • List Builder Feature
  • Easy 4 Step Process
  • Marketing Counselor
  • Cloud Storage Upload
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  • Advanced Panel
  • Easy 4 Step Process
  • Marketing Counselor
  • Knowledge Central
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  • Feature Access
  • Easy 4 Step Process
  • Marketing Counselor
  • Community Forum
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Frequent Questions

  • 1

    What is Ciel and what can it do for me?

    Ciel is a marketing automation saas app designed to improve your marketing campaigns and actions in order to grow.

  • 2

    Can Ciel cover all my marketing needs?

    Of course it can, Ciel is a class leading application developed by great people with tremendous passion for marketing.

  • 3

    Is it worth paying that amount for it?

    Well that's up to you to decide but we've prepared a 14 days trial period for you which includes access to all the features.

  • 4

    How can I sign up and get started?

    Just fill out the Signup Form with your name, email and desired password and start using the app for 2 weeks.

  • 5

    What does market segmentation mean?

    It means that you select your customer base based on their profile and you target your campaigns based on their needs.

  • 6

    How are refunds handled by your team?

    If you are 100% sure that Ciel is not good for your marketing project we will reimburse you your money immediately.

Users from all over the world are using Ciel and are very happy with the results
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