Devo - Mobile App Landing Page Template

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Devo is a free mobile app HTML Bootstrap landing page template created for promoting mobile apps to the online audience and for persuading visitors to download them from app stores

Built with Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS and JS it features morphtext in the header, tabbed content for features, details lightbox for feature details, image slider for screenshots, text slider for testimonials, statistics numbers for important values, dropdown navigation, extra pages: article details, terms conditions, privacy policy, working newsletter and contact form.

Devo has an eye-catching design with warm colors which attracts the visitor's attention and helps you convince them to download your app.


  • Morphtext
  • Tabbed content
  • Image slider
  • Text slider
  • Image lightbox
  • Details lightbox
  • Video lightbox
  • Image or text logo
  • Statistics numbers
  • Dropdown navigation
  • Extra pages
  • Working forms
  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome
  • Responsive design
  • W3C valid code

Built With

  • Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS, JS, PHP
  • Google Fonts, Font Awesome


HTML/CSS coding and image editing skills