License Details

Simple license
  • Free templates are offered under the open source MIT license which means you can use them for any type and any number of projects. This includes any commercial project and allows removing the Inovatik copyright.
  • Premium templates offered as the Big Bundle can be used after purchase for any type and any number of projects.
  • Permissions and restrictions stated below apply to both free and premium templates.
  • Use the templates for any personal and commercial project any number of times
  • Use the templates for any type of website, app, WordPress theme, CMS theme, website builder, digital product
  • You can remove the Inovatik copyright and make any other modifications you need
  • Basically you can use the templates for anything besides the one restriction stated below

You are strictly prohibited to host the free and premium templates on any website and offer them for free or paid download similar to the way they are offered on For questions about the license please use the contact form


Purchasing the Big Bundle is fulfilled by Gumroad’s reliable and secure service. Inovatik doesn't process your data. After payment with credit card or PayPal you will receive an email from Gumroad with the download link for the templates package. It will contain all HTML, CSS and images files. All future updates and new releases are included in the purchase.

Money back guarantee

Your purchase is covered by the 100% money back guarantee, just send me your refund request via the contact form. This also means you lose the right of using the templates.


Premium items are covered by support which means I will answer your questions and do my best to guide you in the right direction of solving problems. It does not mean that I will customize the HTML template for you. The package price covers only the templates and doesn't include customization services. For support questions please use the contact form

Free items are not covered by support but I strongly encourage you to send me any spotted bugs, recommendations and suggestions using the contact form

Frequent Questions

What do I need to customize and use the templates?
To customize and use the HTML templates you need good HTML/CSS coding skills and image editing knowledge.

Do the HTML templates work with WordPress or other CMS?
All templates are HTML and do not work with WordPress or any other CMS unless you are a web developer which has the necessary knowledge and is willing to invest the time to convert the templates for a specific CMS.

What do I get in the download package?
The package contains all premium templates with HTML, CSS, JS, image files and brief documentation.

What about refunds, can I get my money back?
If for any reason you need your money back just let me know via the contact form and I will refund you 100%. No questions asked. Please keep in mind that this also means you lose the right to use the premium templates.

How do I download new premium templates if I already purchased the Big Bundle?
To get the new premium templates released on you just need to click again on the download link you received from Gumroad on your email after the purchase.