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Packed With Awesome Features

To better understand Lyra's offering check out the features under each tab Design, Create and Manage

Solid Foundation

Need a solid foundation for your business growth plans? Lyra will help you manage sales and meet your current business goals

Better Performance

Lyra's mission is to help you make sales easier and improve your company's overall KPIs. Register and start using it today

Unlimited Storage

We understand you data is precious and it needs a lot of storage space so we're offering unlimited cloud storage for all plans

Solution In A Box

Our team's technical know-how and business experience helped us implement every feature you enjoy in this popular SaaS app

Electronic Wallet

You can make payments for monthly and yearly usage. Use your credit card or paypal account and watch for our monthly discounts

Great Scalability

Scale your projects at the touch of a button with Lyra's powerful ScaleNow feature. It's a ground-breaking patented technology

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Create More With Lyra

Use Lyra's revolutionary algorithms to plan your company's sales and marketing strategy. Seek help from your team using our skills matching technology.

Creativity is encouraged with smart context aware instruments and intelligent wizards.

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Manage Better With Lyra

Manage your sales and customer relationships like a pro with Lyra SaaS application. This cloud based solution can be used from anywhere in the world.

Quality support is available 24/7 thanks to our international call center. We also handle pre-sales

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Make Connections Faster

Lyra was designed with a very clear objective in mind: help managers and team members make connections faster that lead to more sales and improved relationships with customers.

  • We love creating technical solutions that bring people together and help them reach their objectives faster
  • Customers reported increased performance in all business areas
  • Objectives are met daily and you are in control

Improved Performance

Performance is something every manager strives to improve. With Lyra, managers get access to the necessary business tools in order to improve their team's performance.

Improved Productivity 70%
Goals Realization 90%
Accuracy Increase 80%

Frequently Asked Questions


First question is about Lyra's minimum usage requirements like Internet speed and storage space?

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Third question is about some of the app's features and their impact on business performance?

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Fifth question answers the all important question: why should I use Lyra and not something else?

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Packages For Any Budget

Pricing options for any company size and budget. Choose the best package for your company's requirements


30 Days Free Trial

5 Qualified Designers

5 Expert Developers

5 Account Managers

5 Marketing Resources

5 Support Tickets




10 Qualified Designers

10 Expert Developers

10 Account Managers

10 Marketing Resources

10 Support Tickets

Best Value



15 Qualified Designers

15 Expert Developers

15 Account Managers

15 Marketing Resources

15 Support Tickets




20 Qualified Designers

20 Expert Developers

20 Account Managers

20 Marketing Resources

20 Support Tickets


Video is Always Better

Lyra was developed to improve team collaboration and communication while enabling users to focus on goals

What Customers Say About Us

Don't take our word for it, listen to our customers' voice. They talk from their heart

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"Besides being built to handle team communication, Lyra works great for project management too. Generally it's helpful for any process where you have lots of team members that need to be controlled and evaluated. Lyra is the right app for anyone that wants to be organized and professional in the way they interact with each other."

Ron Gates, MoveUp - General Manager

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"I've been searching for a capable online application that can help us better manage our team communication and Lyra is just that, a reliable cloud based app that enables better team collaboration. I recommend it to everyone that has big projects to manage and large teams to work with. You will not regret downloading it."

Lara Smith, OnlyTwo - Managing Partner

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"Lyra's development team handled all our request beautifully and managed to integrate the app into our business flow without major problems. The app runs smoothly and has a fluid User Interface that can be used right away without any training. The feature that impressed me the most was the reporting section."

Bob Dole, Ignite - IT Manager

Contact Information

We're passionate about creating business applications that can be used anytime, anywhere

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