Revo - Desktop App Landing Page Template

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Revo is a free desktop app HTML Bootstrap landing page template created for desktop applications, to present their features and for persuading visitors to download the trial version.

Built with Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS and JS it features header slider, text sliders for testimonials, details lightbox, video lightbox, extra pages for articles, terms & condition and privacy policy, together with working trial sign up and newsletter forms.

Revo’s dark style with blue accents will give a distinctive feel to your desktop app’s presentation making it stand out from the crowd in the visitor’s mind.


  • Header slider is dynamic and holds more info
  • Details lightbox for additional information
  • Video lightbox for video presentation
  • Text slider for customer testimonials
  • Dropdown navigation menu
  • Graphic file and text logo branding option
  • Extra pages: articles, terms, and privacy policy
  • Working trial sign up and newsletter forms
  • Google Fonts and Font Awesome integration
  • Responsive design that works great on any device
  • W3C valid code tested in all major browsers

Built With

  • Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS, JS, PHP
  • Google Fonts, Font Awesome


HTML/CSS coding and image editing skills