Riga Mobile App Website Template

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Riga is a mobile app website template made with HTML and Bootstrap to help you showcase mobile apps online and persuade visitors to download them from popular app stores.

Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS and JS  •  Morphtext  •  Animated navigation  •  Details lightbox  •  Statistics numbers  •  Card slider  •  Extra pages  •  Smartphone mockup


Built with Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS and JS it features morphtext in the header, animated navigation that slides from outside the screen, details lightbox for more details information, statistics numbers for important values, card slider for testimonials.

Included extra pages: article, contact, features, pricing, privacy, terms.

Riga has an impactful dark style design combined with warm colors and angular background shapes with the unique goal of making your mobile app stand out from the crowd and turning visitors into users.

The template also includes the smartphone mockup which can be used for free for your project.

Built with

Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS, JS, Google Fonts, Font Awesome

  • This is an HTML template and requires good HTML/CSS coding skills and image editing knowledge for customization
  • Forms are inactive and they require your own implementation to make them functional