Support Details

Paid Templates

All landing page templates purchased individually or as part of the Big Bundle are offered with 12-month email support using the contact form. Support includes solutions regarding problems with template features and components but doesn't cover customization requests.

Free Templates

Because of limited resources at this point I am not able to provide support for free items but don't hesitate to send your questions using the contact form and I will try to help and at least point you in the right direction.

Frequent Questions

  • What do I need to customize and use the landing page templates?

    To customize and use the landing page templates you need basic HTML/CSS coding skills and basic image editing knowledge.

  • Do the landing page templates work with WordPress or other CMS?

    All landing page templates are HTML and don't work with WordPress or any other CMS unless you are a web developer which has the necessary knowledge and is willing to invest the time to convert the templates for a specific CMS.

  • What do I get in the downloaded packages?

    The packages contain Documentation, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and image files.

  • What license do the templates have?

    You can use all free, paid and Big Bundle templates for an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects. The limitations are:
    1. You can't create a digital product intended for multiple sales like a WordPress theme
    2. You can't resell the templates as digital products on your website or marketplaces

  • What about refunds, can I get my money back?

    If you are not satisified with the templates you can get your money back by sending your request through the contact form

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