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Everyone loves this autumn recipe from my mum to my grandmother and all the good


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Show Details

This is a show about how to become the master of your YouTube channel and how to captivate your desired audience with the minimum of resources

Subscriber Messages

I started to watch your videos about a year ago and they did wonders for my channel. I've tripled my subscribers number and views!

Rick Yellowville

This is the best show about creating your own video channel from scratch and how to monetize it through different marketing platforms.

Lynda Marquez

I've been doing YouTube videos for a long time, maybe 5 years or so. But you've opened my eyes on how to attract more subscribers.

Jay Frisco

Show Values

Tuby YouTube Show stands out from the mediocrity of other shows and viewers love it based on it's core values: creativeness, passions and sharing with peers

Learn Your Basics

There is nothing more frustrating for the viewer than watching a video with bad sound, poor lighting or even bad acting.

Take your time to learn the basics from other youtube channels or from learning sources like Tuby and try to improve your skill.


Be Extra Creative

We're at a point in time when people expect more from a posted video than a few laughs and some basic information.

Be extra creative at all times and you will manage to keep your subscribers and even grow their numbers. Work smart not hard!

Share With Peers

We all started somewhere so don't forget to give back to the community to help young people make a name for themselves.

That doesn't mean you need to reveal your core secrets but for sure there is some stuff that you can make public to help others.


About The Host

Tuby started to make online videos at a very young age and he never stopped until they reached people all over the world

  • 2010 - 2012 Game Reviews Channel
  • 2012 - 2016 Funny Gadget Reviews
  • 2016 - 2018 Exotic Travel Channel

“Everyone likes to see great videos, but few people actually know how hard it is to create great content every time you are required to!"

Veronica Albert - Show Host

How To Start Ebook

If you love our YouTube show then you will also like our newly launched getting started book, very creatively called Getting Started Guide.

Ebook Contents

All types of tips and tricks on how to start your own youtube channel from industry pros. A small investment to grow your online audience.

  • Finding motivation and a great subject
  • Cameras, lighting sets and equipment
  • Engage and captivate your audience


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Behind The Scenes

Here are some funny shots and moments from behind the scenes of our show, just to keep you entertained until we post the next episode on the popular YouTube